The EX PAS equipotential busbar from OBO

EX PAS equipotential busbar

Companies manufacturing, processing or storing combustible substances, such as the chemical industry or the gas industry, must expect possible explosions if there is a lightning strike. With these systems, the requirements for equipotential bonding systems are particularly high. According to the VDE directives, all the electrically conductive parts must be connected to the equipotential bonding system. In addition, the arresting paths of the lightning must be created in such a way that ignitible sparks or spray sparks cannot become the ignition source. Connections of lightning protection systems must also be created in such a way that no ignition sparks are created when the lightning current passes through.

The EX PAS equipotential busbar (equipotential busbar for potentially explosive areas) is used for lightning protection equipotential bonding according to VDE 0185-305-3 (IEC 62305-3) and protective/function equipotential bonding according to DIN VDE 0100 Part 410/540 .

The lack of ignition sparks in an explosive atmosphere has been tested according to VDE 0185-561-1 (IEC 62561-1) according to the most demanding explosion group, IIC, with a potentially explosive gas mixture and a lightning current of up to 75 kA. It can thus be used in all explosion groups, even in the explosion groups IIB and IIA. As the EX PAS equipotential busbar does not possess its own potential source of ignition, it does not come under the European Directive 94/9/EC.

Thanks to the patented design, the equipotential busbar can be used in a system according to VDE 0165 Part 1 (IEC 60079-14) and VDE 0185-305-3 (IEC 62305-3) in the Ex zones 1/21 and Ex zones 2/22.

The EX PAS equipotential busbar for potentially explosive areas possesses the following properties:

• Suitable for all explosion groups and use in Ex zones 1/21 and 2/22
• Free of ignition sparks  with a lightning current of up to 75 kA
• Tested according to Class H for high loads
• Protected against self-loosening
• Made from corrosion-resistant material (stainless steel)

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