T series junction boxes

The all-rounder amongst the junction boxes

Any more? The T series junction boxes are made from high-quality materials with sensible wall thicknesses, are particularly stable and thus perfectly equipped to handle greater loads. Thanks to the UV-stabilised plastic and the IP66 protection rating, the junction boxes are suitable both for indoor areas and also the varying weathering conditions in outdoor areas.

It is the practical details and intelligent construction that make the T series junction boxes as versatile as the requirements placed on them. This includes the flexible wiring compartment of different shapes and sizes, as well as the checking of electrical components or the colour distinction of power circuits. With our all-rounders, the T series junction boxes, you have the right answer to every requirement.

Areas of use for the T series junction boxes:

  • Warehouses, sports halls and car parks
  • Protected exterior areas, e.g. under roof overhangs
  • Escape route lighting for the maintenance of electrical function

This makes the T series junction boxes real all-rounders

The individual characteristics of the models of the T series mean that they are not only junction boxes, but true all-rounders. For example, there is a condensation water opening on each side wall of the junction boxes, which can be pushed in easily as necessary.  Also, on all sides of the junction box, there are alignment markings for alignment with a chalk line. Cleverly arrayed mounting points create versatile mounting options for the interior.
A further benefit of the T series junction boxes: The cover captivity. This ensures that the cover cannot go missing or fall down. This is a benefit that is appreciated quickly in many mounting situations. Sash locks provide fast and secure fastening of the cover. In addition, the box covers can be sealed with sash locks.

The features of the T series junction boxes ensure simple handling in the different mounting situations. Should, for example, the junction box be fastened through the back wall, the supplied screw cover caps will cover the opening again. Break-out openings in the bottom of the junction boxsimplify the insertion of cables directly out of the appropriate mounting substrate. The UV stability of the used material means that the junction boxes are suitable for installation in the protected outdoor area. The corner dome separates the fastening of the junction box from the interior and ensures a particularly torsion-resistant box.

The wide range of T series junction boxes: The choice is wide

Junction boxes with function control

With the T series junction boxes, you can always see what's what: The high transparent covers of the junction boxes combine ample space for devices and cables with a free view onto the operating displays of the electronic components.

Junction boxes which simply offer you more safety in cases of fire – no problem with the FireBox. Together with the supplied bolt ties, the high temperature-resistant ceramic connection unit within the FireBox forms a fire protection-tested system, approved for mounting on concrete, masonry, calcareous limestone and brick.

Make junction boxes water-tight: Aquasit makes it possible

For the T series junction boxes, installation in damp environments is also no problem. The connection with the Aquasit cold casting compound makes it possible. Casting with Aquasit achieves water-tightness of the junction box, offering an ideal solution for the electrical installation in particularly damp areas. The junction boxes can thus be installed with water-tightness on waterside promenades, in washing systems, in the garden or in a sump.

You can find out how to make junction boxes waterproof in this videoin which we present Aquasit to you.

Simple installation of junction boxes using plug and play

With their consistent alignment towards rapid and efficient mounting, the T series junction boxes can offer tangible benefits for everyday work. An example of the mounting benefits is a variant of the junction boxes from the T series with integrated strain relief. Simply inserting cables into the connection boxes creates the strain relief. And so it goes on: Pre-terminated Wieland and Modul 45 plug connections reduce the mounting work to a minimum on certain junction boxes of the T series. It is this large range of variants that means that the junction boxes T series are perfectly matched to the various installation tasks.

Express fastening for T60 and T100 junction boxes

It cannot be possible to fasten a T series junction box more quickly to a or a . The fastening elements are locked on in just a few actions and without tools. The junction box is kept securely in position and can be easily removed, if necessary.

The T series: Connection boxes stand out through their range of sizes

The Z series junction boxes are available in the sizes T25 to T350 – from the smallest to the largest, all the junction boxes offer numerous installation benefits. Two different cover heights provide additional flexibility for the size of the wiring compartment.

Are you unable to find the right product for your requirements? Find out more about our everyday heroes amongst the junction boxes, the and our tough cookies, the junction boxes of the .

More information on the junction boxes of the T series

Look here to discover the wide range of T series junction boxes. Or take a look at our to find out how to plan and install the T series.


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