The new generation of isCon® conductors

Lightning protection and separation distance

During the planning and implementation of a lightning protection system, it is particularly important to contact dangerous lightning arcing between conductive parts (electrical systems, pipelines, etc.). These days, the roof level of building complexes is often used as installation space for air-conditioning, ventilation, transmission and energy generation systems. However, the structural conditions frequently make it difficult to maintain the required distances between the air-termination systems of the lightning protection system and the electrical installations. OBO offers the insulated lightning protection system isCon® to be able to implement the required separation distance.

The tested isCon® conductor

The high voltage-resistant, insulated isCon® conductor is the modern solution for planners and erectors of lightning protection systems, in order to maintain the necessary separation distances safely. With its standardised conductor cross-section, it fulfils the requirements of VDE 0185-561-2 (IEC/EN 62561-2). Numerous lightning current tests according to VDE 0185-561-1 (IEC/ EN 62561-1) and IEC TS 62561-8 with up to 200 kA (10/350) guarantee use in all lightning protection classes.

As an innovative and international complete provider for lightning and surge voltage protection systems, OBO has developed a new generation of isCon® conductors, in order to serve different building types and the requirements of its customers. The result: The right isCon® conductor exists for all the requirements of the appropriate lightning protection project.

The isCon® conductor is flame-resistant according to DIN EN 60332-1-2, weather-resistant and halogen-free. It is suitable for routing in external areas and can be routed on roofs, in walls, in concrete, in facade installations or in buildings.

The new variety of isCon® conductors

Depending on the design, after the first potential connection behind the connection element on the air-termination rod, the isCon® conductor reflects an equivalent separation distance of up to 0.45‒0.9 metres in the air or double that in solid matter. This means that installation is possible directly on metallic and electrical structures.

If there is a direct lightning strike, the incoming energy is arrested through the isCon® conductor to the building's earthing system. There is no direct arcing between the conductor and the building to be protected. Depending on the type, the isCon® conductors have a tested arresting capacity of 150‒200 kA lightning impulse current (10/350 μs) and can be used in all kinds of areas.

The floating discharge-free conductor isCon® Professional+ was developed and certified specially for routing in EX areas. The additional grey outer jacket also guarantees protection against hazardous contact voltages according to VDE 0185-305-3 (IEC/ EN 62305-3).  

The light grey isCon® conductor (isCon® ProPl 75 LGR) is also suitable for routing in the earth. If is it routed outside the earth, it can also be painted, e.g. with the paint of the facade. This cable also fulfils the requirement for protection against contact and step voltages according to VDE 0185-305-3, Section 8.1. It can, for example, replace the last 3 metres of the normal lightning arrestor in the area of building entrances, in order to protect people against hazardous contact voltages.

Product video IsCon Touch Point

The isCon® conductor is sold by the metre and in five variants:

isCon® BA 45 SW, black, art. no.  5408 014 (BASIC)

isCon® Pro 75 SW, black, art. no.  5408 008 (PROFESSIONAL)

isCon® ProPl 75 SW, black, art. no.  5408 002, 5408 004, 5408 006 (PROFESSIONAL+)

isCon® ProPl 75 LGR, light grey, art. no.  5407 995, 5407 997 (PROFESSIONAL+)

isCon® PR 90 SW, black, art. no. 5408 018 (PREMIUM)

Additional information materials and detailed mounting instructions are available online in the Service Download area.

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