ProtectionBall ‒ innovative protective cap for connection straps

To avoid injuries, connection lugs must be clearly marked during the construction phase – this is required by DIN 18014 for foundation earthers. Thanks to a reflective film, the new "ProtectionBall" protective cap from OBO Bettermann ensures this clear visibility.

The ProtectionBall was developed by OBO for practical requirements on the construction site. Even in poor visibility conditions, such as at twilight, the noticeable protective cap is still easy to see. Even in dark cellars, it can reflect light sources, even if they are at a distance. "The ProtectionBall is currently the only protective cap for connection lugs which fulfils the prescribed requirements of DIN 18014, even on real construction sites," says Martin Bischoff, TBS Product Manager at OBO Bettermann. The new OBO product considerably reduces the risk of injury.

The versatile OBO ProtectionBall is suitable for many sizes and types of cable. It can be easily attached to round conductors or flat conductors.

  • Required in the foundation earther standard DIN 18014
  • As protection during the construction phase
  • Noticeable, reflective labelling
  • For attachment to round conductors or flat conductors

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