MDP and FDB lightning barriers

Security for data and control systems in plants and industrial and potentially explosive areas

Data and control systems are omnipresent in modern buildings and plants. OBO protection devices protect sensitive components reliably.

Surge protection guarantees plant availability
Measurement and control technology and fieldbus systems allow automated control of production lines or remote monitoring of many different types of sensors and actuators. Today, this technology forms the core of any modern industrial company. Their failure would result in high financial losses. To prevent this, the systems must be protected against surge voltages from inductive and capacitive couplings. OBO can offer reliable protection of the electronic system with a broad portfolio of surge protection devices and lightning arrestors.

Areas of application

  • Water supply
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Wind power
  • Production
  • Industry
  • Refineries, oil and gas industry
  • Tunnels
  • Office buildings

The plus of the MDP family

Besides the high current capacity , the lightning barriers of type MDP offer a narrow installation width of just 8.7 mm. A separate shield connection permits shield attachment of the equipotential bonding, thus optimising the shield effect against capacitive and inductive couplings. Depending on the version, a nominal current of up to 10 A can be applied to the devices, meaning that they are thus ideally suited to use in special applications, such as measuring and heating systems in wind power systems.

The plus of the MDP family for Ex areas

Surge protection in potentially explosive areas is an important topic. It is important here to protect costly measuring technology against the influence of surge voltages through atmospheric discharge. OBO lightning barriers are tested for intrinsic safety (ia) and are independently certified. With a high arresting capacity of 10 kA, they offer optimum protection for four-pole measurement and control applications. Different voltage variants offer a wide range of applications.

The plus of the Petrol Field Protector family

With the Petrol Field Protector data cable protection device, OBO Bettermann can offer a surge protection device for sensors in potentially explosive areas. The protector permits two or three-pole protection for all kinds of sensors. The protection device can be fastened directly on the sensor and wired in using the appropriate metric or NPT thread. The robust stainless steel housing means that even aggressive atmospheres are no problem. The intrinsic safety of the Petrol Field Protector has been independently tested and certified. It offers safety and availability wherever effective surge protection is required for safety-relevant applications.

Tested safety

The surge protection devices of the MDP and FDB series are tested for the fieldbuses Profibus (PA/DP) and Foundation Fieldbus. The blue MDPs have UL approval and, as with FDBs, are approved for use in areas at risk of explosion.

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