OBOs LSC I+II lightning current meter

Lightning control with the lightning current meter LSC I+II

With the new LSC I+II lightning current meter, you've always got an eye on lightning strikes. This is because it measures and permanently saves pulse currents, together with the date and time. Thus, you can use the practical LCD display to check whether and when lightning has struck the lightning protection system. Should this be the case, then the lightning protection system must be maintained according to VDE 0185-305 (IEC 62305). Thanks to its protection rating of IP65, the lightning current meter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The corresponding cable clips allow installation on round conductors or flat conductors. The meter can be mounted directly on the lightning arrestor or on the PE cable of the surge protection device. Long, maintenance-free use of the devices (5 years) is possible, thanks to the internal lithium batteries with their long lifespan.

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