Surge protection for LED street lamps

Small protects large

Today, it is primarily LED luminaires that are used for street and hall lighting. But the free-standing poles of the street lighting are at risk in two ways: From lightning and from surge voltages via the power supply.For the protection of electronic drivers and LED lights in street lamps, OBO has now developed a tailor-made surge arrestor.The type 2+3 arrestor ÜSM-LED 230 has a high level of conducting capacity of up to 20 kA. Having a very low protection level of below 1.3 kV, the surge protection device is also suitable for the protection of very sensitive components. Thanks to its compact design, it can be mounted in the pole end area or in the street lamp head. The ÜSM-LED 230 arrestors fulfil the requirements for type 2+3 protective devices according to the current EN 61643-11 product norm. The ÜSM-LED 230-65 variant is completely encapsulated and fulfils the protection class IP65.This means that installation is possible in the rod or cable ducts, even in parallel to the junction box.

Surge protection devices, SPD T2 T3

Surge protection module type 2+3 to DIN EN 61643-11 for 230/400 V power grids to protect LED lighting and/or the LED driver. The surge protection module (device) can be used, for example, in the pole connection box of street lighting. The high performance level means that the ÜSM protection devices are particularly suitable for protecting outdoor devices requiring a high level of protection. Applications are possible in:

  • Cable transition boxes in street lighting
  • Junction boxes
  • Cable ducts
  • Underfloor systems
  • Electrical resources
  • With function display and switch-off of the load current circuit should the SPD fail
  • Small construction size for installation in the pole connection box or in front of the driver
  • Reduction of the surge voltage to below 1,300 V (protection level)
  • Switch-off of the load current circuit of the luminaire should the SPD fail
  • Optionally available as IP65 version

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