System solutions for photovoltaics

Protection for the inverter

Photovoltaic systems (PV systems) on roofs or in other exposed locations are at risk of lightning strikes and surge voltages. The investment into a PV system requires therefore special protection both on the direct as well as on the alternating current voltage side. To secure inverters with up to three separate MPP trackers, OBO offers a number of solutions. A selection of pre-installed housings provide up to six attachment points with cross-sections of 6 mm². There is room for both PV combination arresters, type 1 + 2, as well as surge arresters. Thanks to their weatherproof material of protection class IP66, the housings are also suitable for the use outside. With the help of the supplied cable gland set, the installation can be completed in no time on-site.

Product video surge protection for photovoltaic systems

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