With the sealing system PYROCOMB® Intube, it is very easy to create seals in ceilings or walls and also in light separation walls. For this, both halves of the pipe sleeves are clicked together and bedded in mortar in the core hole. Then the pipe sleeves are closed with seals and the surface is sealed with ASX fire protection coating. The cables do not require any coating. In case of a fire, the inner coating of the PYROCOMB® Intube expands and, in so doing, closes the opening cross-section completely. The transfer of fire and smoke is safely prevented.

System benefits

  1. Fibre-free
  2. Extremely easy installation, also when cables have already been installed
  3. Easy retro-fitting
  4. No cable coating
  5. 100% assignment of inner space
  6. Electrical installation pipes made from plastic up to M32
  7. Group arrangement possible
  8. Waterproof internal coating – pouring in of pipe shell possible
  9. Fire resistance class to EI 120

Installation principle, PYROCOMB® Intube half shell

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