Floor sockets and floor boxes: For perfect power and data connections

The family of UDHOME complete units can position power, data and multimedia connections exactly where they are required. Floor sockets and floor boxes of the UDHOME family are mounted directly on the raw floor or the screed and connected with flexible installation pipes ‒ it couldn't be simpler. Thanks to their elegant, discreet design, the UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes integrate themselves seamlessly into the interior architecture. When the hinged lid is closed, only the high-quality surfaces of solid brass or pure stainless steel are visible. Thanks to their stable construction, the floor sockets and floor tanks are also resistant to the everyday loads in homes, offices and administrative areas.

The and UDHOME9 floor boxes are the perfect solution for dry-care floor coverings and also stand out through a large range of equipment. The floor boxes offer a lot of space for the installation of power, data and multimedia connections. The with their dimensions of 140 x 140 mm, combine both elegant appearance and functionality.

Floor box sockets stand out through maximum flexibility

For maximum flexibility, the floor sockets and floor boxes can, depending on requirements, be equipped with power, data and multimedia technology, for example with the comprehensive Modul 45 range from OBO. However, you can also use standard devices from other manufacturers.

Both the sockets and data and multimedia devices of the Modul 45 series are simply snapped in, without tools, making work quicker and cheaper. The system can be used for a wide range of applications, thanks to the standardised installation dimensions of 45 x 45 mm and the large range of variants. These include HDMI, USB or also audio connections. Thanks to their compact design, UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes require considerably less space in the floor than other floor box sockets for electrical installations. The infeed of cables is considerably less complicated: They are simply run in standard empty tubes in the screed up to the UDHOME. With the easily accessible height-adjustment supports, it is possible to adjust the covers of the floor sockets and floor boxes to the top edge of the floor coverings without any difficulty. The optional height extension means that mounting is easy, even with higher floor structures.

The water-tight UDHOME2 floor socket is also suitable for wet care

The UDHOME2 floor socket stands out through its known variety and is available in three different versions: With a stainless steel cover, with a floor covering recess and with tube body. With its protection rating of IP65, the floor socket with tube body offers a special feature because it is also suitable for use in wet-cleaned cavity and screed floors. The tube body protects the installation compartment against ingressing water.

The water-tight floor socket also stands out due to the fact that it is pre-equipped with two Modul 45 sockets and two additional data technology modules can optionally be installed. Eight pre-marked entry openings (M25) allow simple connection with flexible installation tubes. The cover of the water-tight floor socket is adjustable to the edge of the floor covering using four height-adjustment supports. A height extension with an additional adjustment range of 10–60 mm can be mounted for higher structures.

UDHOME4: The stainless steel floor box for more variety

UDHOME4 floor boxes offer maximum flexibility and can be equipped with sockets, data connection modules or multimedia connections. Two equipment variants are available and can be individually adapted to the appropriate requirements: The installation of six devices when equipped with two Modul 45 device supports or the installation of up to four devices when equipped with two support ring devices. The UDHOME4 floor socket also stands out in terms of design. It can fit neatly into high-quality interior architecture. All you can see is a slender metal edge and the cord outlet. It is available in a brass version or as . With a height-adjustment range of up to 30 mm, the installation unit can be adjusted to the level of the finished floor.

A beautiful form with powerful connections, suitable for installation in screed: The UDHOME9 floor box

The UDHOME9 floor boxes are the biggest members of the UDHOME family. They combine unobtrusive design with a wide range of use options. Thus, the UDHOME9 floor boxes stand out through their wide variety of equipment options, plenty of space for power supply and for data and multimedia technology. UDHOME9 floor boxes can be equipped with 9 support ring devices or up to 12 Modul 45 devices. However, the floor boxes are not only powerful in terms of equipment, they are also beautiful in design: They are available in stainless steel and brass.

OBO's stainless sockets in the Museo della Pietà in Milan

Major appearance for the floor sockets of the UDHOME family: In the Museo della Pietà in Milan, they, together with the OKB trunking from OBO, set the scene for Michelangelo's final masterpiece and provide a discreet and flexible power supply around the "Pietà Rondanini". The sculpture, showing Jesus and Mary, is the last and incomplete work by Michelangelo. To allow power access near to the sculpture, the compact UDHOME floor sockets were used in the parquet floor. Their stainless steel parts visible in the floor covering blend discreetly into the surroundings of the museum. In combination with the OKB trunking, the OBO products were able to fulfil all the requirements for the planning and design of the historic space. Find out more about the use of the OBO floor sockets in the Milan museum.

Mounting video, UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes

The new UDHOME 2 floor socket

Mounting video, UDHOME2

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