Fire protection planning with the OBO Construct BSS app

The Construct BSS app supports planners and installation engineers in planning the fire protection of the electrical installation. The app was launched at the beginning of June 2013 and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Using the app, you can determine suitable products for your current requirements, quickly and simply. Intelligent searches guide you, step by step, to the right products and can determine the necessary fire protection material. You can then add the necessary products and other accessories easily to a pick list and send it via e-mail.

The Construct BSS app for fire protection planning gives you easy access to the full scope of the OBO Construct BSS module from your mobile device:

  • View information on OBO fire protection systems
  • General application information
  • Information on the location of use
  • System benefits
  • Recall approvals and key technical data
  • Fire resistance period
  • Proofs of application
  • Approval numbers
  • Testing standards
  • Item number
  • Calculate concrete applications
  • Input of dimensions and cable glands of the insulation to be created
  • Material quantities
  • Batch size
  • Create materials list and send it via e-mail

Simplify your work during fire protection planning. Download the OBO Construct BSS app for your smartphone free of charge.

Additional screenshots:

Download free of charge: