Heavy-duty SGR mesh cable tray

A tough cookie: Heavy-duty mesh cable tray SGR made of 6 mm wire

Today, due to the wide range of applications, the requirements for mesh cable trays differ a great deal. Besides simple mounting, a high load capacity, dirt-repelling qualities, good ventilation behaviour and high-quality surface refinement are particularly in demand.

The new heavy-duty mesh cable tray of type SGR, made of 6 mm-thick wire in a U profile, combines many advantages all at the same time. The strong wire design means that the SGR, with its low intrinsic weight, can withstand load capacities of up to 110% more than the comparable mesh cable trays of competitors and can thus also be used for larger support spacings of up to 4.0 m.

Surfaces for any area of application

The mesh cable tray is available in three different surface versions. It is hot-dip galvanised and can be used in the industrial sector and in machine and system construction. In the stainless steel version, it is particularly suited to the foodstuffs and chemicals industries or, with electrogalvanisation, it is suitable for interior areas without special requirements.

Special features

With three different side heights, it is possible to react very flexibly to different cable volumes when necessary. The large mesh holes allow cables and lines to be fed in or out at any point. In addition, the open structure prevents heat build-up and also the accumulation of dirt and dust is mostly prevented. Matching the heavy mesh cable tray, there is the GUV 6 U connector in the surfaces FT, G and A2 available.

Tested quality

For OBO, safety is of paramount importance for all of its products. This is why the maximum load capacity and carrying capacity of the SGR heavy-duty mesh cable tray and its resistance to corrosion were tested in the BET Test Centre, OBO's own testing laboratory.

With the new heavy-duty mesh cable tray, OBO thus offers a rounded overall package for high-quality, safe cable routing in different areas of application.

Technical information

  •        Highly resistant welded connection
  •        Wire thickness: 6 mm
  •        Side heights 55 mm, 105 mm, 155 mm
  •        Very high load values
  •        Spans up to 4 metres
  •        Accessories: U connectors GUV 6 G (FT, A2), end caps SGR KS, centre suspensions GMS, hook screws HSM6 and much more

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