Metal pipe systems

Basic principles of the IEC classification of pipe systems

The OBO Bettermann pipe systems are machined and tested according to IEC EN 61386 "Conduit systems for cable management" and IEC EN 60423 "Conduit systems for cable management ‒ Outside diameters of conduits for electrical installations and threads for conduits and fittings".

For more information on the IEC classification of pipe systems, refer to the brochure.

Mechanical load and function maintenance in case of fire

Protection against mechanical loads
OBO metal pipes are particularly suited to use under tough industrial conditions. They provide reliable protection against very heavy mechanical loads during cable routing. The different material and surface qualities, from galvanised to painted , allow perfect adaptation to the requirements of the appropriate environment.

Function maintenance E30/E90
Our steel pipes guarantee function maintenance to E30/E90. They are thus ideal for the connection of safety-relevant equipment, such as fire alarm systems.

You can obtain the precision steel armoured pipes as threaded and plug-in pipes, hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated and electrogalvanised. The product range is completed with bends and sleeves. Of course, they are also compatible with the entire OBO accessories range.

The aluminium  and stainless steel  electrical installation pipes are an expansion of our metal pipes range. Our aluminium pipes are available with threaded and plug-in versions. With the stainless steel pipes, you can choose between V2A and V4A. You can naturally obtain the matching bends and sleeves for all the pipes. Of course, all the new pipe products are compatible with the entire OBO accessories range.

Mounting instructions for electrical installation pipe systems

We can show you how quickly you can install a pipe. Proper mounting of electrical installation pipe systems is essential for the safety of the electrical installation. We can show you how simple this is with our high-quality, intelligent system components and how you can save time:

Product video ‒ metal pipe systems

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