Production competence

Quality and intelligence

During the planning and development of our products, we place emphasis on the highest quality. With an eye for product compatibility to the application location, we can always offer our customers intelligent, well-thought-out solutions. Our brands always keep this promise. Taking economic implementation into account, our company is considered an example of economic, ecological and social sustainability. 

Transparency and effectiveness

We strive for the greatest possible transparency for our divisions and companies. To this end, all of the company’s objectives, processes and data are continuously measured, depicted and, if necessary, improved on. Organic growth – organised decentrally – is at the heart of our guiding philosophy.

Flexibility and innovation

Our production companies are marked by a high competence in all production processes. With regard to product ranges and production types, the high depth of production and level of process automation allow the greatest possible flexibility and efficiency for clear segmentation of the production facilities.

In the development of our products, installation speed, load capacity, safety, functionality and design are at the forefront.