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Versatile helper in mounting cable ladders

With the multifunctional connector from OBO Bettermann, it is possible to implement a wide range of connections

Menden. The new multifunctional connector from OBO Bettermann now makes mounting cable ladders even easier. The new component allows the flexible implementation of shape and direction changes – without any additional components or complex mounting steps. Thanks to its flexible side rails, the multifunctional connector can simply be bent into the required shape.

Flexible reduction

The multifunctional connector can reduce the width of cable ladders in both an asymmetrical and symmetrical form. An asymmetrical reduction, such as with mounting near the wall, can be easily implemented with the multifunctional connector: A strap is simply bent on one side of the side rail. For a symmetrical reduction, the straps on both sides of the side rail are bent in parallel. In both cases, only one multifunctional connection is required ‒ previously, multiple angle connectors needed to be mounted.

Practical bend points

The practical bend points of the multifunctional connector simplify the creation of T branches and cross-overs. Previously, a T piece or a cross-over were used here. Now, both can be implemented with the multifunctional connector. T branches can be created in two ways: One way is to bend the internal bend point through 90°, to suspend the multifunctional connector directly in the section rail. Alternatively, both straps can be bent through 45° to create a transitional radius.<br/> As the side rails of the multifunctional connector can be reduced in any angle, a straight connection with a slight route offset can be created in just a few steps using multiple straps set at a slight angle.

From 0 to 60 degrees

Bends can also be created with the multifunctional connector. Thus, the multifunctional connector now offers the opportunity of creating any bend between 0 and 60 degrees.<br/> The multifunctional connector can also be used as a connection to an articulated connector instead of an articulated bend element, thus saving on a component. The multifunctional connector is a real all-rounder, which can considerably simplify mounting on the construction site and save plenty of time.