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MCF-NAR – lightning and surge protection in the power-side connection compartment

The combination arrester MCF-NAR , type 1+2, is the newest member of the OBO Bettermann team against surges. The name suffix NAR stands for "netzseitiger Anschlussraum" (power-side connection compartment), because the installed spark gap technology qualifies the surge protection device (SPD = surge protective device) for use in the pre-meter area according to VDE-AR-N 4100.

The new technical connection rules for low voltages VDE-AR-N 4100 for the connection of customer systems to the low-voltage network require the surge protection device to be placed as close as possible to the supply point. The MCF-NAR is installed in the lower connection compartment, in accordance with the connection rules, and thus provides reliable protection against surges directly at the supply point. The installation on the 40 mm busbar system of the meter cabinet means that installation is particularly simple and time-saving.

The right variant for every application

With the variants for housing without external lightning protection, for housing and commercial buildings with external lightning protection (lightning protection class 3+4) and for hospitals and data centres (lightning protection class 1+2), OBO always offers the right solution. For the different areas of application, there is a 3-pin version for TN-C networks and a 3+NPE version available for TT and TN-S networks.  

Safe and future-orientated

The VDE-tested combination arresters meet the highest international standards and, with a protection level of ≤1.5 kV, also increase the safety of downstream terminals. The voltage limitation of the SPDs guarantees the insulation protection, in order to avoid spark formation and fires. To ensure reliable protection at all times, all the devices have a non-consuming status display approved for the pre-meter area. This signals directly whether the devices are still functioning. In addition, all the variants are also available with remote signalling and can therefore be connected to existing or future building management technology.

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