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The new generation of cable ladders

"Our cable ladders unite the highest level of stability with the greatest number of mounting benefits," explains Michael Schmidt, Head of Product Management, Research and Development in the field of Cable Support Systems at OBO Bettermann. This is because OBO has reinvented its tried-and-trusted welded cable ladders and optimised them for use in industry. Thanks to their special design and intelligent rungs, they can offer even more installation space and flexible mounting options – for vertical or horizontal installation.

The innovative welding of the new rung directly with the bottom chord of the ladders ensures a firmly bonded, extremely strong connection. Thanks to the rung below, there is also a large installation volume for cables. In addition, its well-thought-out hole pattern means the rung is perfectly tailored to the requirements of all kinds of industrial installations. The special feature: The rungs can be filled on both sides using the matching clamp clips. When used as a vertical ladder, the installation space can be fully exploited, so that often the narrower ladders are sufficient, reducing costs.

The range of materials is not forgotten. The ladders are available in strip galvanised, hot-dip galvanised and A2 and A4 rustproof stainless steel versions. In addition, the new ladders can also be powder-coated. All the versions meet the high OBO quality standards. Their stability and corrosion protection were tested in our own BET Test Centre.

In addition, the welded cable ladders stand out on account of their practical accessories. A large range of clamp clips offer the right fastening elements for any installation situation. Flexible shape and directional changes are permitted by a completely new component: The multifunctional connector. The side rails of the connector can be adjusted to any angle and any installation situation. This means that both symmetrical and also asymmetrical reductions are possible. OBO even has the right component for areas, in which thermal length expansions or constructive expansion joints are to be expected. The expansion connector ensures that the cable ladders adapt themselves flexibly.