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Double the protection for any type of building

In order to prevent damage to property and people due to surge voltages, it is now mandatory according to VDE 0100‐443 as of October 2016, to install surge protection in all new builds or extensions to buildings, as well as in all new electrical installations. Severe damage to electrical devices and systems doesn’t only occur through direct lightning strikes but often through surges due to lightning striking within a radius of up to two kilometres.

The new MCF Compact combination arrestor of the type 1+2 provides effective protection against the impact of lightning strikes and surges. The device is installed at the feed‐in point of a building and secures industrial plants as well as offices, commercial sites or residential buildings. It can be used in buildings of the lightning protection classes 1–4 and provides a system protection of 315 A without a separate preliminary fuse. The combination arrestor is available as a 3‐pole (TNC network) and 4‐pole (TT and TNS network) version. It comes with remote signalling with a potential‐free changeover as standard with every version. A colour, leak‐current‐free status display also allows the end user to see if the device is still in working order.

Mounting is done quickly and easily by locking the combination arrestor simply onto the DIN rail in the switching cabinet. In addition, the MCF Compact is approximately 25% smaller in size, and therefore saves more space and is easier to install in the switching cabinet.

The QR code on the device helps in accessing technical information on the OBO website with different end devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs.

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