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For us, safety is of paramount importance

In particular in the subject of safety, it is of primary importance that experts, experience gained over many years and professional products merge seamlessly.

OBO Bettermann has been developing numerous products and solutions for electrical installations for over a century. Because they pass through a building like a network, our systems must also withstand difficult challenges. It is exactly for this reason that we dedicated ourselves to fire protection more than four decades ago.

With an experienced team of experts, we work to tackle the challenge of meeting the three protection aims:  

  1. Limit the spread of fire
  2. Protect escape and rescue routes
  3. Maintain electrical functions.  

Primarily to protect human lives. In addition, to protect property against fire and thus keep the damage as low as possible.  

Planners, architects and installation engineers are necessary and must consider comprehensive fire protection at an early stage. Our team of experts is available to provide consultation and support. Whether for a first overview, an individual consultation or the development of special solutions ‒ you can rely on the OBO fire protection experts.