10 mm² series connectors, polypropylene

Parent Item no. cxmOID1011
  • AENOR, Producto Certificado, Spain
  • Nominal cross-section 10 mm²
  • Halogen-free; without chlorine, fluorine and bromine
  • Communautés Européennes, EC declaration of conformity according to EC directives
  • Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik, Austria
  • Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik, Informationstechnik e.V., Germany
  • AFNOR Quality symbol of the French standardisation institute
  • CEBEC, Belgium
  • Flame resistant 850 °C
  • Russia, GOST The State Committee for Standards
  • KEMA-KEUR, Netherlands

Tested to EN 60998.
Steel terminals, steel screws, electrogalvanised, 12-pole, individual terminals detachable from strips using "twist'n'pull".
Captive upwards screw.
Max. approved ambient temperature to EN 60998: –5 to +80 °C.
Nominal cross-section 10 ÷ mm².
Nominal voltage 450 V.
Nominal current 57 A.
Max. attachment each side: 10 mm² single-wire or 6 mm² multi-wire/flexible.

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All types

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Item no. Quantity SSU
76 CE WS/EKL 2 S White 12 450 V 10 mm² 2056372
10 piece
10 mm² series connectors, polypropylene
10 mm² series connectors, polypropylene

10 mm² series connectors, polypropylene

Item no. 2056372

Data sheet, 0.20MB, pdf

Technical data

Connectable conductor cross-section, fine-wire without wire-end ferrule 2.5 - 6 mm²
Connectable conductor cross-section, single-wire 2.5 - 10 mm²
Connectable conductor cross-section, multi-wire 2.5 - 6 mm²
Closing plate required no
Connection position Side
No. of terminals 12
Number of screwless terminals per pole 2
Version of electrical connection 1 Screw connection
Version of electrical connection 2 Screw connection
Drill hole spacing, centre 11.5 mm
Explosion-tested version no
Suitable for flexible conductors yes
Suitable for solid conductors yes
Suitable for multi-wire conductors yes
Nominal cross section 10 mm²
Nominal voltage 450 V
Nominal current 57 A
Pole number 12
Cross-section Max. attachment each side: 10 mm² single-wire or 6 mm² multi-wire/flexible mm²
max. permitted ambient temperature -5 - 80 °C
Transparent no
Ambient temperature 80 °C
Material description Polypropylene


Length 134 mm
Width 23 mm
Height 17 mm
Invitation to tender text

Invitation to tender text

76 CE WS/EKL 2 S / 2056372

Data sheet

76 CE WS/EKL 2 S / 2056372, 0.20MB, pdf

Declarations of conformity