Junction boxes, T series

Modular structure. Intelligent construction. Practical details. Discover the variety of the T series.

The T series family is growing further

A large family is characterised by all kinds of types – the T series is no different to this. This diversity makes the range the matching answer to nearly all installation demands.

The success of the T series has a solid basis

Robustness and intelligence are natural characteristics of the T series: Our developers have used high-quality materials, sensible wall thicknesses and a stable construction to ensure that the T series can stand up to even the hardest conditions. All the boxes are made of halogen-free polypropylene and do not contain fluorine, chlorine or bromine.

Condensation water opening

There is a condensation water opening on each side, which can be pushed in as necessary.

Alignment markings

There are markings on all sides of the junction box for alignment with a chalk line.

Mounting points

Thanks to cleverly arrayed mounting points, versatile mounting options are created for the interior.

Cover captivity

The cover captivity ensures that the cover cannot go missing or drop down – a benefit that is appreciated quickly in many mounting situations.

Screw cover flaps

When fastened through the back wall, the included screw cover flaps will cover the openings again.

Corner dome

The corner dome separates the fastening of the junction box from the internal room and ensures a particularly torsion-resistant box. The good impact characteristics have been tested to DIN EN 50102 and classified according to the universally accepted IK code.

Break-out openings

Break-out openings in the bottom allow the insertion of cables from below.

Sash locks

Sash locks provide fast and secure fastening of the cover. The junction box can be sealed.

UV resistance

The material of all junction boxes is UV-resistant and is, therefore, suitable for the use outside.

Large in every size

The large, versatile family for professional installations

Within the T series, you can find the matching junction box for all types of installations. And each one of the junction boxes masters its task with flying colours – from the small round one (T 25), to the medium-sized one (T 100) right up to the very large one (T 350). On the functional side, the T series is prepared for anything: Be it a clamshell or a cover with sash lock, be it with 4, 10 or 24 entries – the T series has the perfect solution for any task.

Two cover heights

Two cover heights provide even more flexible room for the size of the wiring compartment.

Working with pre-terminated plug connections

Plug and Play

With the consistent alignment towards rapid and efficient mounting, the new T series junction boxes can offer tangible benefits for everyday work. Example of strain relief: Simply inserting cables creates the strain relief. And so it goes on: Pre-terminated Wieland and Modul 45 plug connections reduce mounting work to a minimum. The large range of variants means that the T series is perfectly matched to the various installation tasks.

T series in areas with high loads

Well protected with protection rating IP66

A range of intelligent construction details ensures that the various T series types are perfectly protected against dust and water jets in accordance with the VDE test. A foamed cover seal, elastic plug-in seals made from ethylene vinyl acetate and separate corner domes for fastening ensure that the moisture stays exactly where it belongs: outside.

Aquasit cold casting compound is the solution for electrical installations in particularly damp environments.

Whether for connections in the garden, by waterways, in laundries or in a pump well – Aquasit ensures a safe electrical installation anywhere. The application is simple: Aquasit is cast simply and tidily using a standard cartridge pistol. The transparent, amber-coloured cold casting compound, based on carbon resins, then sets to a soft elastic. Aquasit is "self-healing" and can also be removed easily.

T series with transparent elevated cover, FireBox

Function control

The T series junction boxes with an elevated and transparent cover combine ample space for devices and cables with a free view onto them – for instance onto the operating display of electronic components.

Function maintenance with the FireBox

Together with the supplied bolt ties, the high temperature-resistant ceramic connection unit of the OBO FireBox forms a fire protection-tested system, approved for mounting on concrete, masonry, calcareous limestone and brick.

Express fastening for T60 and T100

It cannot be possible to fasten a T series junction box more quickly to a mesh cable tray or a cable tray. The fastening elements are locked on in just a few actions and without tools. The junction box is kept securely in position and can be easily removed, if necessary.

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