Tidy integration of multimedia connections into the Modul 45® system environment

  • Soldered connection (for Cinch, mini jack, XLR)
  • Screw connection (for VGA, DSub9, HDMI, DVI, USB)
  • 1:1 coupling (for Cinch, BNC)
  • Connection cable (for VGA, DSub9, HDMI, DVI, USB)

The multimedia connection system allows the installation of computer, video, audio, control and network connections into the OBO switch range. 

Tidily mounted connections without cables laying around

High-quality plastic connection panels in most common standard colours support the perfect look.

Practical details

Choose between a straight and a slanting cable exit. The locking fastening on four sides makes both horizontal and vertical device installation possible.

For all standard multimedia applications

The system permits the integration of all standard systems: VGA, DSub9, HDMI, DVI, USB, mini jack, BNC, Cinch for Audio and Video, XLR. A version without plug connector is available for construction-site equipment (VGA, DSub9, DVI, XLR).

Additional information