Device installation trunking, desk trunking

Parent Item no. cxmOID157243
  • GEK-S desk trunking
  • Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik, Informationstechnik e.V., Germany
  • Communautés Européennes, EC declaration of conformity according to EC directives
  • Track width 76.5 mm
  • Devices
  • Protective contact socket
  • Wall mounting

GEK-S device installation trunking with base perforation suitable for installation on desks, etc. The visible surfaces of the painted GEK-S device installation trunking are laminated. The trunking system possesses self-contacting locking straps to accept a sheet steel partition. The equipotential bonding between the trunking bases takes place using the trunking coupling. The protective measure and the equipotential bonding is guaranteed between the cover and the base by the self-contacting trunking cover. The real system opening is 76.5 mm. The cover must be ordered separately.

All types

All types

Types Colour Length Item no. Quantity SSU
GEK-SA133110RW Pure white; RAL 9010 2000 mm 6282700
2 m
Device installation trunking, desk trunking
Device installation trunking, desk trunking

Device installation trunking, desk trunking

Item no. 6282700

Data sheet, 0.12MB, pdf

Technical data

Number of covers 1
Number of insertable partitions 1
Version Asymmetrical
Rear panel version (inner side) With locking lugs
Rectangular shape yes
Fastening type Screw-on
Base perforation with base perforation
Halogen-free yes
Cable retaining clip no
Duct depth 133 mm
Trunking height 110 mm
Duct connector no
Cover mounting type Internal
Mounting perforation in base yes
Usable cross-section 9950 mm²
Cover width 76,5 mm
Cover width 2 0 mm
Cover width 3 0 mm
Cover supplied no
Protective film yes
Symmetrical no
Material description Steel


Length 2000 mm
Width 110 mm
Height 133 mm
3D data
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Invitation to tender text

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Data sheet

GEK-SA133110RW / 6282700, 0.12MB, pdf

Catalogues & Flyers

Rapid 80 device installation ducts, 6.91MB, pdf

Declarations of conformity

GEK-SA133110RW / 6282700, 1.43MB, pdf


Instructions and Aid

Overview, Rapid 80 device installation duct, duct depth 70 mm, sheet steel, 0.63MB, pdf


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