Highlights 2020

Entdecken Sie unsere Neuheiten und Produktinnovationen und überzeugen Sie sich selbst!

Our highlights 2020

MCF Compact and the new arrestor series

Surge protection is mandatory: Due to continually increasing numbers of damage cases, surge protection measures in low-voltage systems are becoming ever more important. Damage from surge voltages occurs not only from direct lightning strikes, which can cause significant destruction.

With the new "team" against surge voltages, OBO Bettermann has developed 3 new arrestor families, with which buildings and systems of various requirements can be protected effectively.

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New generation of isCon® conductors

The high voltage-resistant, insulated isCon® conductor is the modern solution for planners and erectors of lightning protection systems, in order to maintain the necessary separation distances safely. 

As an innovative and international complete provider for lightning and surge voltage protection systems, OBO has developed a new generation of isCon® conductors, in order to serve different building types and the requirements of its customers.

The result: The right isCon® conductor exists for all the requirements of the appropriate lightning protection project.

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GR-Magic® mesh cable tray

Installation time is becoming ever more important in the decision for or against a product. With the mesh cable tray GR-Magic®, in both the standard design or as a G mesh cable tray, OBO Bettermann offers a true system innovation.

Thanks to the patented connection system, developed by OBO, it can be applied and inserted in a matter of seconds.

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Floor socket GES R2

The round floor sockets of the GES R2 series supply data and power exactly where they are required. Depending on the cover version, the floor boxes are suitable for dry or wet-cleaned floors.

OBO GES R2 are an ideal underfloor solution when a discreet appearance, a high load capacity and varied functionality are required. Whether in the living room or in public areas ‒ such as foyers, shopping malls or exhibition areas – the floor boxes stand out due to their fine design and also add value to high-quality floor areas.

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UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes

Elegant, discreet and robust: Thanks to their elegant, discreet design, UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes integrate themselves seamlessly into the interior architecture.

When the hinged lid is closed, only the high-quality surfaces of pure stainless steel or solid brass are visible.

Thanks to their stable construction, the floor boxes and floor sockets are also resistant to the everyday loads in homes, offices and administrative areas.

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T series junction boxes

It is the practical details and intelligent construction that make the T series junction boxes as versatile as the requirements placed on them.

This includes the flexible wiring compartment of different shapes and sizes, as well as the checking of electrical components or the colour distinction of power circuits. With our all-rounders, the T series junction boxes, you have the right answer to every requirement.

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