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A seamless appearance with the cassette lined body

The underfloor solution for polished screed floors

Seamless floors, made of polished cement or poured asphalt screed, are the latest trend in modern interior architecture. The cassette lined body from Ackermann made by OBO ensures that the floor areas remain jointless after the installation of underfloor cassettes.

Full load-bearing capacity of the screed layer

The cassette lined body is placed floating on the underfloor socket and creates a lining for the cassette. The cassette is adjusted to the specified top edge of the finished floor. The lined body solution meets the specific requirements for polished screeds.

Polishable mounting protection cover

The aluminium mounting protection cover is simply inserted in the cassette frame, covered with screed in the edge area and is polished together with the floor area. In so doing, the screed layer is polished exactly to the top edge of the cassette – creating a flush, seamless floor.

Application in Terrazzo screed

The cassette lined body is suitable for polished cement screeds, such as Terrazzo screed. Terrazzo is a cement screed, which is polished several times and is made up of a support layer and a decorative use layer. The use layer can be coloured and designed using decorative stone mixtures to meet the specifications of the architecture.

Use in polished poured asphalt screed

Poured asphalt screed is applied at a temperature of approx. 250 °C. This is no problem for the cassette lined body: Its components are made from robust metal. The hot poured asphalt screed can therefore be worked directly onto the cassette lined body and the cassette frame. Poured asphalt screed is used where there are high requirements for heat protection, noise insulation and the elasticity of the floor covering.