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New mesh cable tray for the high demands of the industry

The heavy‐duty SGR mesh cable tray made from 6 mm wire can carry higher loads and can be applied more flexibly compared to previous ones. The specific demands made on mesh cable trays and the many different application areas require the systems to be further developed and optimised continuously. This is why OBO Bettermann has designed the new heavy-duty mesh cable tray of type SGR made from 6 mm‐strong wire in a U profile.  

The new mesh cable tray combines many advantages all at the same time in terms of load capacity, surface finishes and dirt resistance. Thanks to the strong wire quality, the SGR – despite of its low weight when empty – can carry up to 110% more load than the comparable mesh cable trays of competitors. It can therefore also be used across larger support spans of up to 4 metres. The three different side heights make it easy to react very flexibly to different cable volume requirements, and the large mesh holes allow cables and lines to be fed in or out at any place. The open structure prevents heat build‐up, and also the accumulation of dirt and dust is mostly prevented.  

The mesh cable tray with the hot‐dip galvanised surface can be used in machinery and plant engineering, the stainless steel version is particularly suited for the foodstuffs and chemical industry sector and the electrogalvanised version is available for indoor areas with no specific demands.  Matching the heavy‐duty mesh cable tray, there is the GUV 6 U connector in the surfaces FT, G and A2 available. This new heavy‐duty mesh cable tray offers an all‐round complete package for the sophisticated laying of cables in all different application areas.