New fire protection guide for electrical installations

Protecting lives. Maintaining values: The 2nd edition of the fire protection guide provides important and helpful information, which is essential in the planning and execution of fire protection systems.

Nowadays, professional fire protection presents many planners and installation engineers of building equipment with almost insurmountable obstacles. Installations run like networks through complex building structures. The art of the planner is to harmonise the various networks, such as supply and disposal, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, with the electrical installation.

In addition, the sensitivity towards fire protection in buildings is growing. As soon as the first step towards fire protection planning has been completed, the appropriate systems and components are installed. Here, too, installation engineers are confronted with requirements which cannot be implemented without further work.

With this brochure, we can explain the interconnections of fire protection between different types of technical building equipment in even more detail. You can find the download here.