New cover for the walkable cable tray system BKRS

The optimised chequer plate cover is now even more slip‐resistant and can be installed in two different ways.  

The walkable cable trays from OBO Bettermann protect electrical installations and employees equally. Robust materials and high safety standards ensure that even under the harshest conditions, industrial operations continue to run smoothly. The chequer plate cover of the BKRS cable tray system has been reworked. The new cover is made from galvanised sheet steel and has a significantly more effective non‐slip chequer pattern surface, resulting in a higher level of stability, and is much safer to walk on. The slip resistance (R11) and displacement space (V10) have been certified according to DIN 51130 and have achieved excellent ratings.

The cover clamps are simply clamped onto the cover at any position, and equally, they can be easily removed again. The turn buckles are no longer pre‐mounted, but can be attached to the plate individually as required. The covers are pre‐marked in 50 mm spacings so a turn buckle can be mounted at the required location.  

The all‐round optimised cover is now not only quicker and more flexible to mount, it also offers a higher level of safety in everyday use.